Non Profits Have Turned To Online In Kind Donation Fundraising And Are Making Thousands Each Month

Charity fundraising ideas come in various forms including tournaments,Guest Posting auctions and sales. These traditional charity fundraisers have failed to bring in the amount of funding as in the past, which has caused many charity organizations to look into new fundraisers for charity. The search for the perfect fundraiser has led charities to the Internet, where its incredible traffic and e-commerce culture combine to make an effective online fundraising campaign.

Traditional charity fundraising ideas in kind donation such as charity auctions, walkathons, and donation cards have not been nearly as successful as online fundraising has been. Millions of dollars have been raised over the past few years for charity fundraising using online fundraisers. Online fundraising takes advantage of online shopping. Each time a shopper makes a purchase online, they have the option of donating a percent of the total price back to the organization of their choice. This works through using a fundraising website. This effort works in a very simple, three step process.

1)            Shoppers go to a charity fundraising website

2)            Shoppers choose their favorite charity organization to shop for

3)            Shoppers select from hundreds of online merchants and purchase as normal

After each purchase is made, the online fundraising website, who’s portal was used, will donate a percent of the final purchase to the charity organization. Charity fundraising has never been easier. These charity fundraisers are also very appealing because they are completely free to use. Online fundraisers have no price to sign up for and no future costs to pay. People simply go through the online portal to make a purchase and the donation is sent to the charity. Easy and effective.