Checklist before borrowing money

Money lending is a serious business to do. When you take money from a money lender, you need to ensure that there is a credible and safe source. When the market is flooded with a number of money lenders, it is hard to choose the Best money lenders in Singapore. The loan is best if it suits your needs and payment limit. If you take out a loan more than your capacity, it can harm your financial condition.

This article will help you to find the best loan company through this checklist.

Check the amount you need

Although loans depend on your income source and credibility, sometimes you can get more loans than you can pay. It is essential to understand that a loan should be taken in the amount you need, at most. It will help to repair on time and avoid the unwanted burden.

Credit score check

A credit score is essential for taking a loan, so it is important to check your credit score before taking up any loan. A credit score should be above 700 for smooth loan sanctioning. Even the interest rate is usually dependent on the credit score. A good credit score will offer better loan terms and conditions.

Check legal money lenders.

When you decide to take out a loan, you will encounter a lot of illegal loan companies or scammers who are there to trap you in their vicious cycle. Make sure to check if the company is legal or not. An illegal company or money lender will put you in trouble with a payment plan, and you cannot even take legal help regarding it.

Check Eligibility

Every loan has specified criteria and eligibility according to age, occupation, income, and credit score. The credit bureau will sanction the loan. It is essential to keep a check on your eligibility criteria so that you don’t have to worry about getting any.

EMI division

EMI is the amount you pay every month on any loan. Calculate how much you must pay every month, and if it fits your budget, you can go for it. If the EMI is high, you may miss them and have to pay unnecessary penalties.


Financial emergencies can come unannounced. When there are many unsecured loans, it is vital to check basic needs and features to obtain a loan at better terms. This handy checklist will make you confident about your needs.